I faced the exact same problem recently with my 250GB
iOmega external harddisk with a single FAT32 partition
which I needed mounted on my FreeBSD 6.0 Release
system.  I needed this to be mounted "rw", so the
MSDOSFS_LARGE option was no help.  After some
cajoling, iomega folks confirmed that partitioning the disk
into multiple partitions should present no issues (although
for some reason best known to themselves, on their support
website they explicitly discourage users doing this).

To cut the long story short, I chose to partition the 256GB
disk into 2 128GB FAT32 partitions.  Both the partitions
show up (as /dev/da*) and mount "rw" nicely on FreeBSD
(and also on Windoze as usual).

To be on the safe side, I moved the data back and forth
between my fixed harddisks and the external disk before
and after repartitioning the external HDD, but iomega said
that using content-preserving repartitioning software such
as partitionmagic should be possible to use without any
issues on their disk.


JHorne wrote:

Well im fairly certain that my filesystem has less than a million files, its
mostly just large .iso files from my ftp server.  I can defiantly quickly
check it out against a windows computer before I plug it back in the next
time im at my colo.
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