> It seems the AAC_COMPAT_LINUX kernel option that I needed to 
> run aaccli for an Adaptec RAID card (2120s) is no longer 
> available in 5.3. Is there a replacement, or another way to 
> run aaccli?
> Thanks,
> sdb
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You don't need the AAC_COMPAT_LINUX option enabled. Do you have linux binaries 
installed ? run kldstat  to check you should see linux.ko

If not installed, check this:


Once all done and you can see linux binaries, go to the Port:


> make install distclean

This will install aaccli, or you can just copy the file aaccli from the "files" 
folder and put it in /usr/bin which will also work.

Note, If you have upgraded your RAID card to the latest Adaptec firmware (like 
I did) aaccli will not work. I think Adaptec is working on a new utility for 
FreeBSD, but so far it is no go.

Good luck,


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