Hi Chris,

> You would have to browse through the Makefile and look for configuration
> options. Typically, if there is a FOOBAR option, you would 'make
> -DFOOBAR install' in the port directory.

I will try this. Thanks.

> Or, you could just edit the Makefile to add the arg you want. Let's look
> at mail/cyrus-imapd23. Its Makefile has a section that goes

I actually already tried this option.  Unfortunately, it did not work
for reasons that are unknown to me.

Another thing that I was thinking was going into the
work/cyrus-imapd2.2.12 directory and manuall running ./configure (with
the options listed in Makefile as well as the options I need) and make
from there, then going back the port's main directory and running make
install.  Does anyone know if this will or will not work?  Also, the
Makefile specifies a couple of items as follows:

--with-sasl=${LOCALBASE} \
--with-bdb-libdir=${LOCALBASE}/lib \
--with-openssl=${OPENSSLBASE} \
--with-perl=${PERL5} \

How can I determine what these variables are?

Thanks again to all for your help.
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