On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 11:52:11AM -0800, Graham North wrote:
> Does this mean that there is a way to run ssh, but only allow certain users 
> to use it.   My default seems to have been that if someone has a username 
> and password they can access ssh (except root as "PermitRootLogin no" is 
> the default).   The ssh port seems to be the most heavily attacked one on 
> my machine and so I recently took to blocking port 22.   My preference 
> would be to enable it to only one user and give them an obscure username 
> and strong password.  Root is not currently allowed access by default in 
> the setup.
> Is this the approach that you alluded to above?   Can you point me to some 
> information or provide some tips.
> Thanks,  Graham/

See SSHD_CONFIG(5), specifically the AllowUsers keyword.

Kelly D. Grills

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