Im fairly new to FreeBSD but am getting the basics down.  Im trying to setup a
new FreeBSD server for email use here at work for external customers.  Our
customer's currently use Squirrelmail on Linux boxes.  Ive got FreeBSD 4.7 with
Postfix and qpopper working with virtual domains.  With Squirrelmail, you use
the IMAP protocol, but, I cant seem to get users authenticated.  Ive install the
imap-uw port and added the lines in pam.conf that they suggest in the
pkg-message in the ports directory, but, when users try to login, I see a
"imapd[x]: Login disabled user=user auth=user
[] (substitute "user for a username" and "localhost.mydomain" for the
hostname/domainname of the box).

Being new to IMAP (cuz damnit, the POP3 is working!), Im not sure what the
problem is.  Ive looked on the UW IMAP site, but, I couldnt find anything useful.

Im sure someone knows, you guys are smart.  :)  In addition, does anyone have a
preference on the use of a pop3/imap setup for a mail server?  All this box will
do is pop mail and provide a web interface to their mailbox.  I dont really care
what pop3/imap setup I use, so long as it works, but, if one is better than
another for my situation, does anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks in advance,


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