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Hi all,

I am installing an upgrade to the Cyrus email server.  Our existing
email boxes are in a database format that is no longer used by
however, there is a configuration option which will instruct the
version to use the old database format.  They are

--with-mboxlist-db=berkeley and --with-seen-db=flat

Is there a way to tell the FreeBSD port of Cyrus to use these
 I am not extremely familiar with the ports system.



Yes, you can pass the options along but it depends
which method you are using to manage your ports.
Are you using make ..., portupgrade ..., or perhaps
portmanager ...

Checkout the portupgrade -m switch.

No.  The initial install options do not depend on what port management
The intended meaning of my statement was not that the initial install options depend upon what port management utility a person is using but rather that how
you pass those options through to the underlying make does depend on which
port management utility you are using.
you are using.  However, you do need to prepare for a possible future
upgrade of the port that was installed with non-default compile
If you are using portupgrade then you need to edit pkgtools.conf.  If
are using portmanager then you need to edit pkgtools.conf or pm-020.conf.
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