just to follow up on my own post, the problem I encountered went away
with a upgrade to 6_STABLE.

The problem was a system hang about once a week, with no clues in log
files, or anywhere else. But the last crash was enable to provide me
with some info; log files stated that a WRITE_DMA error occurred on one
of the harddrives, gmirror couldn't cope with this, and the system hung

So, I'm pretty confident in that this problem was in the SATA code for
6.0-RELEASE, as the server has been stable now since Feb 28th 2006,
running 6.1-PRERELEASE (Feb 28th 2006). I will upgrade this system to
6.1-RELEASE in time as the 6.X line seems, this glitch put aside, very
stable an well performing.

This was on a Epox 4PDA3I mainboard with Intel ICH5 chipset. I suggest
anyone having similar harddrive problems on 6.0 giving STABLE a try.

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