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> Does the installation process install any package that may be
> overriden by any port?

yes. for example ,you select to install bash-3 from sysinstall ( " the
freebsd installer UI" ). this reads and installs the package
bash-3.x.y.z.tbz from somewhere in your selected setup origin (DVD /
CD / FTP / NFS).

I assume you would also install the ports collection and keep it up to
date (keeping a system up to date without the actual ports collection
in /usr/ports is , I guess, doable...though i've never done it, and I
dont see why I would want to, unless i'm in dire need of space).

Anyway, you update your ports, and you learn that bas-3.x.(y+1).b is
out. You can now install this new version from a package by either:
 a) downloading the package by hand and using 
   pkg_add /path/to/package/file 
 b) portupgrade -PP bash

Or you can install this from source, by doing either of:
 a) cd /usr/ports/shells/bash ; make install clean
 b) portupgrade shells/bash

The option I've been using lately is a mix of both - use the package if
available (locally or from remote site); if not avail, build from
source and generate a package (so I can reinstall as needed in
other/same box):
 portupgrade -pP shells/bash


 cd /usr/ports/shells/bash ; make ; make deinstall ; make package

 ( package generation doesnt work for ALL ports, but the vast
majority would be ok. For example ,Adobe Acrobate cannot be
redistributed in binary form, so a package cannot be generated. the
process will still work)

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