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"Mc Shch" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi there,

>    Hi sir:
>      I need your help.
>      I am using FreeBSD5.3 operating system,and I have configure
>    etc/ppp/ppp.conf rightly.
>    when I use ppp by typing this:
>    #ppp -ddial papchap
>    to connect to the internet with a ADSL modem.

What's the exact brand and model of your modem. how is your computer
connected to this modem?

>    I recive this infomation:
>    Working in ddial mode
>    Using interface:tun0
>    and i try to ping [1]www.baidu.com
>    #ping [2]www.baidu.com
>    ping:cannot resolve [3]www.baidu.com:Host name lookup failure
>    and my webbrowser didnt work...
>    I wonder how can i connect to internet and how to configure the
>    system!!!

what does /etc/resolv.conf show when you are "connected" ?

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