On Monday 27 March 2006 01:48, Ian A. Tegebo wrote:
> I'm interested in knowing several things:
>       1 When is a port interactive?
>       2 Is there an easy way to determine the above?
>       3 What are all the options for a given port?
> ...
> Now, I could use the "BATCH" variable to at least process all
> ports that aren't interactive but that hardly seems cool when there
> could be dependencies that are interactive (which would show up when I
> pass -rRn to portupgrade).

BATCH stops INTERACTIVE ports being built, and causes other  ports to build 
with default options, using the port "knobs"  (as in WITH_FOO) to override 
the defaults.

Only a handfull  of ports are INTERACTIVE, usually because they require you to 
agree to a licence at install time. 

> I want to do all the human work of evaluating options and
> making decisions up front

Try this:


# Get list of out-of-date ports
# This may take some time

plist=`pkg_version -ovl'<' |awk '{ print $1 }'`

# allow each out-of-date port to update it's config, and that of any new
# dependencies (dialog only runs when something has changed)

for porg in $plist ; do
    cd  /usr/ports/${porg} && make config-recursive
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