On Monday 27 March 2006 09:26, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> Luiz Eduardo Guida Valmont wrote:
> >Thanks for the answer. I just hope I'm not messing things too much.
> >
> >So if a port may override a package, is the only solution to this
> >generate a package then install it? Now if this happens, what will
> >happen for example (supposing I install everything from packages -
> > or "make package" then pkg_add for that matter) when I install
> > Adobe Acrobat? Are all its dependancies going to be installed as
> > well? I mean, ports doesn't "know" which packages were installed by
> > pkg_add, which is how I suppose those packages are installed. Sorry
> > if I cannot make myself clear enough, but there's still the fog
> > that blinds newbies like me. :)
> Sorry if I'm interjecting stupid stuff here .. . haven't yet
> backtracked this thread.
> What exactly do you mean, "ports doesn't *know* which packages
> were installed by pkg_add" ... they use the same database, and as
> far as the ports(7) mechanism is concerned, they are the same thing.
> The difference is in the details visible to the user; as far as the
> ports system is concerned, files is files, and port/package data is
> data.
> >Is it possible to generate packages for all the dependancies? Does
> >"make package" do this for all packages for which a package can be
> >created? I hope I won't need to reinstall them but you know... you
> >never know. :)
> 'make package' should include all dependencies, by my understanding;
> however, my understanding isn't the greatest, so YMMV.
> >Thanks again...
> HTH,

'make package' will install the missing dependencies but will only make 
a package of the the port being installed. If you want to make a 
package of the dependent ports you need to use 'make 
package-recursive'. Be advised, probably somewhere in the build of the 
packages, something will be missing and it will break. At least, it 
always has for me. So, packages are built for some of the dependent 
ports, but not for others.

You need to check that /usr/ports/packages exists and if it doesn't, do 
a 'mkdir /usr/ports/packages', otherwise the built packages are put in 
the port. Not a really convenient place.

I very seldom build packages anymore.

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