Wow, I stopped following this thread for a few hours and now I can just
compile a mini-ports howto. ^^ So, first things first: thanks for all who
replied. All replies were meaningful, so thank you all.

Kevin, what I didn't know was the fact that ports and packages share the
same database. Knowing that was really helpful and cleared most doubts I

Donald, I didn't know about "make package-recursive" and I think I won't try
it, for now. My system is almost  completly installed and the missing
packages won't take that much to justify creating the packages to ease
future installations (well, in fact I hope I never need to reinstall FreeBSD
^^). I may try it, though, just to see how it works.

One last question: is there a way to find what are the standard targets for
any given port? I know I could install bash-completion, but I don't it is
"100% reliable" (I think it may miss some targets if Makefiles are included,
but I may be wrong).

Once again, thank you all.

On 3/27/06, Donald J. O'Neill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Monday 27 March 2006 09:49, RW wrote:
> > On Monday 27 March 2006 14:20, Norberto Meijome wrote:
> > > make package will actually make the package and install it for you,
> > > you dont need to do a pkg_add after that (yes, a bit
> > > counter-intuitive, but really handy)
> >
> > Make package creates a package out of an installed port (it will
> > install the port first, if neccessary). It doesn't install the
> > package - there would be no point.
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> 'make install' builds a package from the port and installs it. 'make
> package' builds a package and installs it, it also saves it in
> compressed form so it can be reinstalled if necessary.
> A port is a skeleton, it contains the information needed to build a
> package and that's it. The ports aren't installed, it's the package
> that results from building a port that is installed. Ports are only
> skeletons, the contain the information necessary to allow the port to
> be built into an installable package.
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