On Mar 27, 2006, at 3:26 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
Mar 25 23:28:15 sendmail[1181]: k2Q3wGR00214: SYSERR(root): hash map "Alias0":
unsafe map file /etc/mail/aliases.db: World writable directory

It repeats with IDs 1298 , 1328 , 1357 , 1439 , 1466 , & 1491 in the brackets after 'sendmail'. What significance is there to these numbers?

Those of the process IDs of new sendmail child processes which start up and abort.

        I checked  /etc/mail/aliases.db  with 'll -d' and got
-rw-r--r--  1 root  wheel  32768 Jun 12  2001 /etc/mail/aliases.db
and as you can see it is not World writable. What is going on, and how
do I stop these messages?

See this section of /usr/src/contrib/sendmail/README:


Sendmail often gets blamed for many problems that are actually the
result of other problems, such as overly permissive modes on directories.
For this reason, sendmail checks the modes on system directories and
files to determine if they can be trusted.  For sendmail to run without
complaining, you MUST execute the following command:

chmod go-w / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/ mqueue chown root / /etc /etc/mail /usr /var /var/spool /var/spool/ mqueue

...there's also a DontBlameSendmail option which disables the security checks, but you're better off fixing the issue directly.

(You could also check out mtree.)


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