DAve wrote:
> Not ever having had to configure DST before, any advice on a work around
> since most OSes provide no DST for my timezone?

You underestimate the true power of this operating system.  :-)

Either change the /etc/localtime symlink to point to the right timezone file, or
run /stand/sysinstall, choose "Configure" for post-install config, select "Time
Zone", and you'll end up being prompted with these choices:

        x x 1   Eastern Time
        x x 2   Eastern Time - Michigan - most locations
        x x 3   Eastern Time - Kentucky - Louisville area
        x x 4   Eastern Time - Kentucky - Wayne County
        x x 5   Eastern Standard Time - Indiana - most locations
        x x 6   Eastern Standard Time - Indiana - Crawford County
        x x 7   Eastern Standard Time - Indiana - Starke County
        x x 8   Eastern Standard Time - Indiana - Switzerland County

...which will do the same thing.

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