I host a domain with a handful of "real" addresses. I noticed, that spammers 
are using a variety of random-generated names @mydomain and wish to block such 
addresses with "No spam" responses instead of "User unknown".

Here is (almost) what I have in the virtusertable:

        [EMAIL PROTECTED]  foo
        [EMAIL PROTECTED]    bar
        @example.com      error:5.7.0:550 No spam, thanks

I can see the "No spam,thanks" messages logged in the maillog (without the 
space after coma, for some reason), but there is no reject=550 message logged 
(which interferes with my other software) and some of these messages seem to 
pass through (although others are intercepted by other anti-spam defenses).

For example, here are the only two log entries, that a spam message generates:

Mar 28 13:45:58 corbulon sendmail[40026]: k2SIjvvb040026: <[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]>... No spam,thanks
Mar 28 13:45:58 corbulon sendmail[40026]: k2SIjvvb040026: from=<[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]>, size=3305, class=0, nrcpts=0, proto=ESMTP, daemon=MTA, 
relay=example.example.net [xx.x.xx.xxx]

Despite the "No spam,thanks" the message was accepted.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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