On Tuesday 28 March 2006 07:49, John Cruz wrote:
> I have to recommend MSI. I haven't run BSD on one yet but they have
> always given me great performance and reliability over time. They're not
> the cheapest, but I'd still rather have a low-end MSI board then the
> most expensive Abit or PC Chips board
> Doug Hardie wrote:
> > I have a number of servers that are reaching end of life.  They are
> > over 7 years old and I can no longer find IDE drives that work with
> > the slower controllers they have.  These are all towers and use ASUS
> > motherboards.  Those were quite cheap at the time and the boards have
> > worked very well over the years.  However, I am now hearing rumers
> > that ASUS motherboards are no longer the best quality and probably
> > should be avoided.  Don't need much on the machines, but do have to
> > have 2 NICs and a SCSI controller on each.  What are good, rock solid,
> > motherboards with FreeBSD 6.0?

I also like MSI. Several weeks ago I build a new "economy" server-desktop for 
one of my clients. I started out with an Asus K-8 series and it was so bad I 
ended up returning the board. I went with a MSI K-8T Neo and have had zero 
problems with it. The server is rock solid and everything works as advertised 
with no system tweaks necessary to set it up. I originally set it up for 
AMD64 but went back to I-386 because of lack of desktop support. I would 
recommend them highly for low-end servers. It's happily running 6-STABLE.



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