Joseph Vella wrote:

I notice a lot of references to version 4.x. Is there any overwhelming reason why its use seems to be still popular. I'm wanting to set up a server (just for play) on my home network using a PII machine. Am I better off using an older version for such old equipment? If so, do any particular versions stand out?



10.  "format && reinstall" sounds too much like MSFT!

9.  Spinal Tap fans can't wait to hit 4.*14* ....

8.  'uname -a' substitutes for AT&T information call...

7.  Procmail rules delete "announce@" headers....

6.  Believed "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" trolling....

5.  "African users are non-migratory."++

4.  "Tools, not policy."

3.  Too busy coding to update.

2.   It Just Works(tm).

1.  Uptime, uptime, uptime, baby!


Truth:  I dunno.  Some people are afraid of destabilization,
I guess, and follow the adage "if it ain't broke" ??

KDK ;-)

++ Not an ethnic or nationalist slur, catch the
"Monty Python" reference, please---especially
if you call yourself a geek....

They make a desert and call it peace.
                -- Tacitus (55?-120?)


10] 5.X introduced "UFS2", and you've got to
    newfs your disks to get it.

9] Ref. movie: "This is Spinal Tap" (which
   I've never seen-I can't really call
   myself an elder geek, then, can I?)

8]  Google's faster, and free.

7] Might be interesting to know how many
   admins really haven't thought about the
   fact that 5.x (heck, 6?  7??) exists.

6] Not his real name, I hope.  Some people
   *have* had issues.  This happens to everyone
   running a computer, I think, and isn't *directly*
   related to one's choice of OS

5] See Bruce Mah's "Migration Guide"(s).

4] Nobody's forcing them to upgrade.  Compare and
   contrast this with the word "Free", as in "FreeBSD"
   and a certain well-known software company.

3] FreeBSD does allow you to do Real Work,
   especially if you don't spend your time
   running every possible update permutation.
   Or, composing silly emails to the lists...

2] 1]  ... self-explanatory?

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