Been running ipfilter long time.
Now with FBSD 6.0 having no joy at getting
redirect to web server on LAN to work.
This is first time trying this.

rl0 is NIC facing the public internet. is the LAN ip address of the web server.
Have friend uses
to target me. The ip address is fake for this posting.

# /root >ipnat -l
List of active MAP/Redirect filters:
map rl0 -> proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map rl0 -> proxy port ftp ftp/tcp
map rl0 ->
rdr rl0 port 6188 -> port 80 tcp

List of active sessions:
RDR       80    <- ->     6188  [
MAP       1857  <- ->     1857
[ 5050]

Nothing happens. No ipf.log records on gateway box and
no ipf.log records on the LAN web server box.
There is firewall rule to log & pass from any to port = 80
keep state
And any packet that does not match a firewall rule get logged and

Gateway box has these sysctl nobs set

>From the active session list, it looks like the rdr command was
but no packet showed up at the firewall.

My question is, does any one have ipfilter nat redirect working on
Freebsd 6.0????

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