Vaaf wrote:
At 22:34 28.03.2006, Joseph Vella wrote:
I notice a lot of references to version 4.x. Is there any overwhelming reason why its use seems to be still popular. I'm wanting to set up a server (just for play) on my home network using a PII machine. Am I better off using an
older version for such old equipment?  If so, do any particular versions
stand out?

FreeBSD, and UNIX for that matter, is based off 30-year-old concepts.
Noboy can deny this. That being said, you can compare the development
of FreeBSD to building a skyscraper on shallow grounds. Naturally, the more you build the more building is likely to collapse. This is now the case with
the old FreeBSD (in which a couple of smart guys decided to savior into
DragonFly) versus the new FreeBSD. I think the same thing is happening
with Windows versus Vista. As OS development progresses, this little
theory of mine will become more and more obvious. If anyone on this list can
contribute with facts and observations to strenghten this theory, I would
really appreciate it.

Thank you all,


I was just wondering if you would also welcome observations from list members
which may challenge this theory?

Best wishes,

--Duane Whitty
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