After using the custom software provided here at Penn State, and, uhm,
finding it lacking ("Please restore from backup." "You'll have to tell
us when it failed" "?!?!?!"), I need to find some simple, presumably
apache-based, web software to run on my workstation.

There will not be more than 70 students per class; I will have well
under 200 users.

I need to be able to feed it a list of names and ID's to set it up--they
all already have psu id's, and one more thing to remember is annoying.
I'd like to be able to script this so that I can email them their
initial password, but that's just frosting.

I do want a login required for access, and I want it to thread the
messages in each section (slashdots nested view is what I'm after).

I'd also like to be able to flag/moderate messages, with the flagging
turning into class points when I do it.  Possibly students could have a
limited number of points to moderate one another as well.

Of course, there's always the slashdot code itself, but that seems a bit
extreme for my modest needs.

Oh, and it should be trivial for me to automate backups!  Students get
*very* unhappy when their work disappears . . . 

Does anyone have any experience with such a thing?  I'm sure that there
are a few things in ports that would do it, but having just been bitten,
experience of others weighs more heavily at the moment . . .


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