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This is so crazy I had to respond.

	My tiny x/29 block is sub-allocated from my DSL provider's x/23 block.
   The DSL provider's block is a sub-allocation from's block. Spambouncer doesn't like Inflow.  While they have a
right to their opinions, they don't have a right to publicly tar me
because of my neighbors.
Are you one of those people, that blames a car owner for not having
an alarm system when his car gets stolen, instead of blaming the
car thief?

It's simple. Inflow is blocked for a reason. You can whine all you
want, but spam filters never add default blocks unless an ISP has
spammed, and refused to anything about it. Therefore, Inflow had to
do at least 2 things:
1. Spam
2. Refuse to stop spamming after being contacted about it.
I, personally, fully support their decision. There really needs to
be some accountability on the Internet.

Here's what you _should_ do:
1. Contact Inflow and raise a stink about how their poor policies are
hurting you.
2. Find another provider.
3. Send a letter to the BBB complaining about Inflow's policies

Even if you don't agree with me, I'll say that you're unlikely to have
the FreeBSD people do anything? Have you emailed all the Linux distros
as well and told them that there's an RPM out there that they should
boycott? Are you now going to email every ISP on the planet and suggest
that they boycott all FreeNIXes because they can use this anti-spam
software? You're driving the wrong way on a "the other way" street, if
you really want to accomplish anything.

Put the pressure on the people who are doing wrong, not on the people
trying to stop it. You shouldn't even have to contact the anti-spam
developers, Inflow should contact them once they've improved their
policy and demand that they be removed!

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