Spil Oss wrote:

Dear all,

Spent a lot of time trying to get portupgrade to install phpbb in the
directory I want.

Tried a lot of things, but only when I found out that ports_glob does
NOT return anything on 'www/phpbb-*' I could fix it.

The inline documentation in pkgtools.conf lead me to believe I had to add
    'www/phpbb-*' => 'WWWDOCROOT',
to my pkgtools.conf file to add it.
 # e.g.:
 #   MAKE_ARGS = {
 #     'databases/mysql323-*' => 'WITH_CHARSET=ujis',
 #     'ruby18-*' => 'RUBY_VER=1.8',
 #     'ruby16-*' => 'RUBY_VER=1.6',
 #   }
The short answer is that you want either 'www/phpbb' or 'phpbb-*'

The 'directory/package' form matches against the directory structure under /usr/ports. The directory you are after is 'www/phpbb'.

The form without the directory structure matches against the installed version of the package (I'm not sure how it finds it if the package isn't installed, but I believe it does).

You are probably being mislead by the "databases/mysql323-*" example, as, at first glance, it looks like it is wildcarding against a version number, like the following ruby examples, but it isn't. If you look under /usr/ports, you will find directories like "databases/mysql323-server" and "databases/mysql323-client" and it is those directory names that the wildcard pertains to.

I prefer the directory form, myself, because it tells me immediately where I can find the package if I want to read the Makefile to find any new or interesting knobs.

Having said that, I have had occasional trouble in the past with portupgrade refusing to recognise a directory in this format. Specifically, I could not, for love nor money, get it to recognise "www/apache20" and went with "apache-2*" instead. I have no idea if this was a portupgrade problem or something obvious I was missing; if it was a problem it might have been fixed by now.

When building with portupgrade, you can clearly see when options are picked up. Try re-installing a package for which you set knobs, and watch the output. For any new items I add, I always check the output carefully first time in case I made a typo or other snafu.


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