my business is main on biological and genetic field ,not computer or internet, 
internet business is just for my interest only..
I main live on social assistance, so i don't care if i have no money or not , i only 
busy about my research on biological and chemical study ,
i hope before i die , anyone that hurt me before, they have their return........

i have sick for 10 years time, and i was unemployed for more than 4 years , and i am 
under social assiatance, though i have got five
distinction in the university. This is my business , i will never give up it, though i 
make a little money through it... i will continue, as i find
it useful to my life (as i can do business in my own, and study what i want, not just 
web design, but all field include genetic research)

(that is a story, i beat my classmate in university after i have got five distinction 
because they tease me ( because i was sick) , and then
 i join the police force, although i was sick for 6 year at that time , but i was 
still the fittness in the class. I will continue my research in all
field for myself until one day , the people that teased me , give me trouble in the 
pass , return to me)

Compenation I
I wish to claim for $10000 thousands for compensation from a dentist-Ng X Chun, 
address : 271 Queen’s Road West, HK, Tel: 25401xxx.
At April 1989, Ng Hung Chun start to perform surgery on me. And after that, I nearly 
sick for ten years’ time. The sympthon include my heart feel pain,
always go to toilet, become short sight , always cough (about 5 seconds each time) , 
cannot breathe, respiratory system problem, and always feel tired.
After I cure my teeh in 1999, all the sympthon disappear (including my short sight). I 
am the first in the class in form 3 and form 4 ,
I have got a distinction in HKCEE , and 5 distinction in year 1 of City University 
(Computer Engineering (Hons) Degree Course ) .
I have joined the Hong Kong Police Force in 1995 and I was the fittest in the class. 
But actually, I always cough in the Police Training
School and have all the above sympthon. But my spirit and belief is so strong that I 
continue and finally I gradrate from Police School with
thrid in the class. I suffer a lot is that only a careless or even the dentist have no 
responsibility and no compensation at all ?

I want to state that :
1)      after the first treatment ten years age, my cum was swollen, and I went to see 
the dentist again , and the dentist
                told me that it is not his fault, may be I have to brush my teeth my 
frequently and he can’t do anything .
2)      after the second year of the first treatment and third year and so on , he 
told me the same things.
3)      Finally, in 1999, he told me that he had left a copper wire inside my tooth, 
so I always feel sick.

Compenation II
I wished to claim $1000 thousands as damages against a Chinese herbalist for medical 
negligence. In March 1999, I was treated
by Mr Wong X Ngai, address: Des Voeux Road West, Tin Hing Praza, HK. Tel: 25467xxx. a 
herbalist practicing Chinese medicine,
for pocks on my penis. During the surgery, I saw the herbalist using a needle , a 
burner and some oxidizing agent and some toxic and dangerous
substances to treat me. After that, the herbalist applied bandage to my penis and 
instructed me to unseal the bandage the following night.
After that night, my penis was swollen. And from then on, I have pain when having sex. 
I am now under treatment at Kwong Wah Hospital.

I want to state that:
1)      the herballist-Wong X Ngai, carry out surgery for me that is against the law 
(he is not allow to carry surgery for anyone)
2)      he instructed to unseal the bandage after next day night, that made my penis 
swollen and may cause its’ cell die as the blood can
                not reach it as he seal it very tight.
3)      after that, he gave me some medicine that include drugs and pellets that I 
think he has no knowledge and ceritificate to prove that
                he can give to his patient for treatment.
The medical report from Kwong Wah Hospital state that there was no skin ulcer nor 
eryhtema over the glans penis and shaft of penis.
The skin over glans penis was dry but without any skin rash. But actually, I fell pain 
during sexal intercourse. Especially, I undergo a blowing job.
4)      the herballist-Wong X Ngai tigthen my penis using some cloth (they are yellow 
and old) that seen to be used many times.
5)      the herballist-Wong X Ngai and his father nearly fought each other during the 

Compenation III
In this crazy world, there is totally no equal to me, I must do something for myself..
My girl friend left me because the Police got my personal information and abusing her 
(because she is beautiful)....

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