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Hi Chris,

That sounds good to me.   I will still like to continue to try to get
the crossfades working too.  If you send yours in, and the port
maintaner adds the diffs, then it will be called _4 on the ports tree,
even though it has been "downgraded."

p.s. Please, don't take anything I say personal.  It is not personal, I
am just a zealot when it comes to trying to get things to work on
Linux/UNIX (because I hate having to rely on windows for multimedia apps).

The latest (1.7.5) works absolutely PERFECT (crossfades and all) on my
slackware install.

altough i was already tired of this, you tempted my curiousity and i
downloaded 1.7.5 of sourceforge, patched the wc --chars and ran it
with the parameters as you specified.

it created a Test.vob without crossfades. i just read the code, and i
suspect it is still seq not doing what it is supposed to do.

seq2 is not parameter compatible with seq.

so, i have to finish what i started:

write to /usr/bin/seq, chmod +x etc

if ( $#argv == 2) then
if( $1 == $2) then
 echo $1
 seq2 -s $1 -e $2
if($2 == $3) then
       echo $2
seq2 -s $2 -e $3

i tested with a smaller script than this ( lots of errors ) but the
slideshow finished WITH crossfades. i am now do a rerun to see if it
still generates a decent slideshow.



Awesome, thanks.  I'm not much of a scripting guru.
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