On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 02:17:31PM +0200, Vaaf wrote:
> At 22:34 28.03.2006, Joseph Vella wrote:
> >I notice a lot of references to version 4.x.  Is there any 
> >overwhelming reason
> >why its use seems to be still popular.  I'm wanting to set up a server 
> >(just
> >for play) on my home network using a PII machine.  Am I better off using an
> >older version for such old equipment?  If so, do any particular versions
> >stand out?
> FreeBSD, and UNIX for that matter, is based off 30-year-old concepts.
> Noboy can deny this. That being said, you can compare the development
> of FreeBSD to building a skyscraper on shallow grounds. Naturally, the more
> you build the more building is likely to collapse. This is now the case with
> the old FreeBSD (in which a couple of smart guys decided to savior into
> DragonFly) versus the new FreeBSD. I think the same thing is happening
> with Windows versus Vista. As OS development progresses, this little
> theory of mine will become more and more obvious. If anyone on this list can
> contribute with facts and observations to strenghten this theory, I would
> really appreciate it.

...because you have none of your own.


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