Kris Kennaway wrote:
On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 05:11:05PM -0500, DAve wrote:

Really you want to use 6.0 or 6.1 on any new system, simply because
that's the modern, supported version of FreeBSD.

I get frightened when something is no longer "modern" when it is less than a year old. Good reasons to recommend 6.X would be "bug FOO is fixed", "hardware FOO is now fully supported", "FOO is now a kernel module and can be unloaded or loaded at will", "disk performance is gazillion% better", etc.

If it makes you happy, all of those things are also true.


It would be nice to actually tell new users why 6.X is better wouldn't you think? Simply saying you should use it because it is new, is a page from RedHat's book.

So please don't be trite, it looks bad in the archives later when new users are searching for information. It also does little to answer the user's question. Better that new users get several descriptive answers to their query, even if the answers disagree, than to get cute remarks.

So to help him out, here are a few reasons you, Joseph Vella, should look into using 6.X over 4.X if you are still interested.

Of interest (IMO) is Jails, GEOM, and ACL. All of which I've seen mentioned several times on other lists. Users seem to be deploying these features a lot. I am sure there is more, but they would be features I am not following or currently have no use for.

I am impressed with GEOM, I have three new backup servers using gmirror and gstripe as a test and I am quite happy with it. Much easier than using vinum with 4.X if you need software mirroring.

Best of luck,


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