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> > Not ever having had to configure DST before, any advice on a work
> > around since most OSes provide no DST for my timezone?
> Sure. Just pick a city in the Eastern Timezone that is _not_in Indiana.
> Then it will automatically follow DST at the appropriate time of year.
> Just about any city on the East Coast should do it.

For the archive: that's not really the best answer.  The timezone file
contains much more than just the date that time changes this year.  It
also contains a history of when it changed in past years, so that file
time displays and time interval calculations will be correct.  The
correct answer _should_ be to install the timezone file for your part
of Indiana and let it do the right thing.  If it is incorrect, either
you need an updated TZ file, or you need to contact the maintainers of
the file to get them to correct it.

- Bob
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