On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 08:48:07PM +0100, Chris wrote:

> Well without a doubt 4.x is the fastest and most stable freebsd out of
> the 3.  The comment earlier where it just runs and runs is a good way
> of describing it.

6.x is faster at filesystem performance and other tasks.

> 5.x had a big performance hit and 6.x is noticeably faster but I have
> been experiencing weird lockups with 6.x and have reverted all but one
> of my servers back to 5.4 that were running 6.0 and they became stable
> again, we have one server running 6.1 prerelease which is more stable
> then 6.0 so I would rate 6.0 as a poor release, sorry but it only is
> stable under low load on every server I tried it on. 

Sorry to hear that, can you point me to the PRs you filed so I can
take a look?

> Kris and others
> have you been testing 6.0 in server environments with things such as
> ddos attacks and thousands of concurrent connections, sustained heavy
> traffic ongoing for days etc, these type of things have caused 6.0 to
> just die on me.

Yes, and so have companies like Yahoo! who are so pleased with 6.x
that they are deploying it company-wide.


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