Now that I finally got xinerama working again (by using MergeFB as an Option for my Radeon card), another problem has cropped up. The screensaver isn't running, and when I lock the workstation, I can't get a prompt to unlock. The screen goes to the unlock screen with no prompt.

dbus is running:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] dbus-launch

and the socket exists, but there's an extra one:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ls /var/tmp/dbus-*
/var/tmp/dbus-KbuylYjLnz        /var/tmp/dbus-mHCgjDCXI2

which claims to be in use:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] dbus-cleanup-sockets
Cleaned up 0 sockets in /var/tmp; 2 sockets are still in use; 0 in unknown state

but gnome-screensaver can't find the socket:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] gnome-screensaver-command
gnome-screensaver-Message: Failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon: Unable to dete rmine the address of the message bus

If I export the session bus address in the terminal, then gnome-screensaver-command can connect, and it tells me screensaver is not running: [EMAIL PROTECTED] export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/var/tmp/dbus-KbuylYjLnz
[EMAIL PROTECTED] gnome-screensaver-command
gnome-screensaver-Message: Screensaver is not running!

Here's log entries germane to screensaver:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] grep screensaver /var/log/* | less
/var/log/ -r-sr-sr-x 1 root wheel 73512 Mar 11 00:28:00 2006 /usr/X11R6/libexec/gnome-screensaver-dialog /var/log/setuid.yesterday:2103930 -r-sr-sr-x 1 root wheel 73512 Mar 11 00:28:00 2006 /usr/X11R6/libexec/gnome-screensaver-dialog

And to gdm:
/var/log/messages:Mar 29 13:54:16 utd59514 gdm[673]: Error reinitilizing server /var/log/messages:Mar 29 16:14:56 utd59514 gdm[678]: Error reinitilizing server

There's nothing else in the logs (AFAICT) to give me a clue what might be wrong.

If I lock the desktop, I have to restart gdm (Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) to get functionality back, and the console says "gdm[pid]: Error reinitializing properly".

Any suggestions as to what to look at next would be appreciated.

Paul Schmehl ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Adjunct Information Security Officer
The University of Texas at Dallas

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