Hi everyone,
 Thanks for replying.. 
 I'm currently on the phase I of the plan. Its not finalized yet. I 
hope you can add some more. What else do you want to know if you will be 
reorganizing your own LAN? Also, if you have a clue on what the 
succeeding phase should be..Anyway, I will try to focus on the phase I first.
 Phase I - Identify the Current Setup
 1. Network Diagram
  1.1 Connectivity Type
         a. wired
         b. wireless
   1.2 Geographical Divisions
         a. Site survey (building plan)
         b. cabling structure (is it possible to recable?)
 2. Types/Classifications/Numbers of Users (126 employees)
  2.1 Administrative staffs
         a. OD
         b. FAD
         c. DIVAS
  2.2 Technical staffs
 3. Machine Classifications and their network type(private/public) 260 
all in all
         a. servers (public/private) ->   24
         b. workstations
           b.1 desktop (public/private?)  35                 162
           b.2 laptops (public/private?)   3                    17
         c. testbeds (public/private)         already included in 
         d. personal (laptop,pda)             NA
  3.1 Operating system
         a. Windows
         b. *nix
 4. Services Provided/needed
         a. file server (private)
         b. printer server (private)
         c. internet proxy server (public)
         d. im server (private)
         e. web server (private)
         f. directory service/server
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