Thanks for all the excellent replies to this question.
Dinesh's answer looks like exactly what I'm experiencing.
Unfortunately I can't use FreeBSD 4, because I don't think FASTIPSEC with
the HiFn card is supported there.
I tried with OpenBSD 3.8 and got similar performance to FreeBSD.
I might try NetBSD in the weekend, someone mentioned that, and it's probably
a good idea.
Oh well, at the moment we've only got a 2Mbit link anyway, so they should
suffice for a couple of years.

John Ryan

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>On 03/30/06 09:28 Mike Tancsa said the following:
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>> you wrote:
>>>ftp put is around 3Mbytes/sec and ftp get is around 2Mbytes/sec
>>>ifconfig says:
>> They are not the fastest around, but it depends what you want to do
>> with them. On an older 4501, I get about 7Mb.  You should be able to
>> get that at least.
>m0n0wall, a freebsd based router/firewall project is built for both the

>soekris net45xx and net48xx boxes. m0n0wall 1.2 is based on freebsd 4.x
>m0n0wall 1.3 (which i'm currently maintaining) is based on freebsd 6.x.

>we've seen clear degradation of network throughput between m0n0 1.2 and

>1.3. we usually use iperf for throughput testing with the m0n0wall sitting
>in between. search the m0n0wall lists for past throughput comparisons.
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