On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 07:09:26PM -0600, Miguel wrote:
Hi, im loading a lot of information to a postgresql 8.1.3 database, im
using the copy command, using the same file and version of postgres in
gentoo it spend a few minutes (~4-5), in freebsd 6.1-beta4 it has
already spent 25 minutes and the server apparently is doing nothing, and
the reponse time of remote logins or running simple commands like ls -l
/etc takes a lot of time (35 secs ort so), cpu usage is very low:

how do your postgresql.conf's compare? things like shared buffers, fsync...

the only diference is in shared_buffers, the new one has only 2G of ram, while the old one 3G, both has fsync = on (the default value)

how big is the file?


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