Sorry if some of these aren't all exactly appropriate for here, but
this seems like the best place to ask for a number of them, especially
given my system is FreeBSD, and I've gotten everything from ports. I'm
putting all of this in one email as just a not-so-quick, quick
overview, and to ask if I should do everything in one email, or should
I split it into several emails?

First off:
  I know at least one question will require a file from /var/log, is
it ok to delete the log file (in this case Xorg.0.log) and run the app
to  make sure the log is as concise as possible?

One of my applications wants libstdc++6. when I whereis every variant
I can think of, the only result is: "/usr/src/contrib/libstdc++". This
looks old (dec. 2004), and I'm nervous about using it. Is there any
way to upgrade this using ports, or, like the kernel, do I need to
just grit my teeth, [if it is old, ]download a new source, go to the
source directory and have at it? libdrm is installed, however, finding
information on loading the module through userspace rather than
kernelspace seems to be hard to find, googling for drm information
gives me nothing but kernelspace stuff, and they just say that
userspace is possible.

XOrg Video:
Long story short: this computer was originally built for someone else,
who would never touch anything but windows, cheapest card for the
non-3d person was an X300. Didn't know I'd end up getting it back (and
now using it as a *Nix box), or I'd have spent enough to get a non-TC
nVidia in here...
 Regardless, my monitor (Samsung 712N) likes 1280x1024, Xorg refuses
to run at anything but 1280x960 (which isn't even in my
/etc/X11/xorg.conf file). I expect in answering this my xorg.conf and
my Xorg.0.log file will be desired quantities, but this is just an
overview mail, and I don't want to waste space until I know this group
is right for this question, or you are going to ship me off to one of
the xorg lists (which I can't seem to find on their site).
I'm using the "dri" driver module. Also, on an athlon64, and a 64 bit
installtion, what's the best way to get the drm module working?
ports/graphics/drm-kmod wants an i386 compile (and while I'll be
setting up a i386 cross compiler for open office, I seriously doubt a
386 kernel module will be happy in a 64 bit kernel).

XOrg Mouse:
Logitech MX518. 10 buttons. Can only get 7 to work, and of the 10
buttons, there's only 1 I don't use extensively, that one, sadly is
wasting space in the "used' category. Played with various things, and
I've gotten it down to the default xorg driver module doesn't
recognize more than 7 buttons, I need to know which module to use, and
any advice on configuring it.

Actually, it's KDM that's the issue, when I try to log in using it,
regardless of the chosen desktop/window manager (KDE, ION, WMaker,
failsafe, etc. etc.), the screen goes blank, and I get kicked back to
the login. XDM works fine, albeit a bit ugly. I haven't gotten to
installing GDM, but I suspect I'll probably end up with that. Still I
use a KDE session, I'd just as soon use the same groups login system.
Again, I suspect this will be an xorg log file and a kdm logfile
request, but you might recommend I go to the KDE mailing lists
instead, so I figured I'd verify here first.

Thank you for your time,
-Jim Stapleton
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