S W wrote:


Thank you for the prompt response.

php4 now installed without mod_php4, configured httpd.conf - and
everything seems to be working.

Incidentally, acid no longer needs phplot, but is using jdgraph, instead.

Best wishes,

Keep in mind that PHP comes in three formats:

1.  The relatively familiar Apache module.
2.  A CGI interpreter/module/executable.
3.  A CLI interpreter/executable.

IIRC, and you should read the docs, NOTES, README,
etc.  /www/mod_phpN is only #1.  lang/phpN is superior*,
in that it installs the Apache module and the CLI/CGI
depending on how it's configured**.


Kevin Kinsey

* IMHO, of course.

** I'm not sure I'm interpreting it correctly.  I *always* use
lang/php and get module/CLI.  I *think* I could get CGI
instead with a config knob ... but it's not necessary, since
my CGI scripts could call the CLI with the appropriate
switch anyway, and AFAIK there's not a great deal of
difference between CGI and CLI --- one notable is that
CGI auto-prepends the HTML header.

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