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> Yes, it is a dump of a single table. i want to tranfer the data from one 
> server to another, and this is one of the biggest table.

ok, but gentoo performs the same task ok, so it is not a postgresql problem. 
you have not confirmed wether the gentoo-box is running with the same 
postgresql.conf. is it? if not, which are the differences?

> attached is my config file, shared_buffers are 25% of total RAM

i my experience, you should go much higher. if the server is not in production 
yet, you might go as high as 75%  ( assuming no other processes need these kind 
of resources ). i am not familiar with the work_mem flag,  it was not there 
last time i tuned a postgresql. you might consider upping your wal-buffers, but 
i am not sure if they are used by copyin.

> im guessing that this is a disk controlled bug or something, when i 
> execute any query involving many rows, the server response is very low, 
> ssh, su, even copy or rename a file, cpu usage remains ~87% idle though

ofcourse it might be hardware related: have you checked your diskperformance? 
what is your throughput? how does this throughput compare with the gentoo box?



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