I ordered 5.3, 5.4, and now 6.0. ALL the jewel cases I have received are 
They can't store or hold the media. And the disks are scratched from the 
movement inside the box during shipping.
This is quite frustrating.
It would be embarrassing to display this media with the scratched disks and the 
worn disk labels.
The products packaging quality control is non existent.
The shipping boxes are not damaged in anyway, and the product is so over packed 
inside the undamaged box it seems unlikely the damages happened during shipping.
 so I believe the damage occurs prior to shipment.
I'm sure you won't do anything to help me with these issues. 
What do you care..you got the check. :)
I think you have some disgruntled employee sabotaging you.
I hope this brings to light something you can identify and prevent.
I would be pretty pissed off if I was trying to bring a quality product online 
in the real world.
And the product wasn't perceived as professional enough by the people who 
wanted it to be.

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