On 3/30/06, Micah <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Lars Cleary wrote:
> > Micah wrote:
> >>
> >> I just updated my ports collection this morning and upgraded all out
> >> of date ports, including thunderbird and firefox.  Now typing
> >> thunderbird or firefox on the command line does absolutely nothing.

> > Recently someone solved a problem with the same symptom by
> > changing the ownership of the profiles of Firefox and Thunderbird,
> > the were b0rked and couldnt' be read.

> Checking... All files in ~/.mozilla and its subs are owned by my user
> and my user's group and have rw (x for dirs) as a minimum for user (some
> have r and rw for group).  Likewise for ~/.thunderbird.

might try mv .mozilla .moz-backup
and then try starting it again.

The slightly more painful operation might be to upgrade
the whole dependancy tree under firefox/t-b.

I think this would be:
portupgrade -ufR firefox* or summat (I'm fairly certain
from the original post that you've portupgrade installed).

Note that works as advertised here, and I don't
use dunndarbrydde.

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