Thanks for your response! It turns out that it is perfectly easy to start 
RealPlayer from within, say Firefox. Starting it from a console with KDE 
going doesn't work, just as you say. 

I have found that a lot of the "errors" I have, such as this one, are really 
just mistaken assumptions that I have not yet realized I have made. 


On Saturday 18 March 2006 14:49, Kevin Kinsey wrote:
> Oliver Iberien wrote:
> >On Saturday 18 March 2006 11:22 am, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> >>On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 10:44:56AM -0800, Oliver Iberien wrote:
> >>>I installed Realplayer by running make clean install in its port
> >>>directory. It all seemed to go fine, but it won't run, and no amount of
> >>>Googling has yielded anything. Here is the debugging output. Has anyone
> >>>got any ideas?
> >>>
> >>>Oliver
> >>>
> >>>(gdb) run
> >>>Starting program: /usr/X11R6/lib/RealPlayer/realplay.bin
> >>>warning: no shared library support for this OS / ABI
> >>>
> >>>** ERROR **: Unable to open display
> >>>aborting...
> >>
> >>Doesn't this just mean you forgot to set DISPLAY?
> >>
> >>Kris
> >
> > Thanks very much for your reply. It's possible, especially as I don't
> > know how! Could you tell me where I would do that and what it should be
> > set to?
> I guess a question that is obvious to many of us is, "are you attempting
> to run realplayer from the console?"
> It is a GUI app, so you would need to start it after or along with an
> X session.  For example, start X, run a xterm, and then run realplay...
> If you are trying to run realplay from console, then the "unable to
> open display" error would be, well, expected.
> Pardon my forwardness, I just thought it might be worth mentioning.
> Kevin Kinsey
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