From: "Tang Ho Yim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

I got a error messages from /var/log/auth.log which is about sshd......

.....sshd : reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for failed - POSSIBLE BREAKIN ATTEMPT !

all my sshd_config is default setting except I have change to "PasswordAuthentication NO , PermitEmptyPasswords NO , and ChallengeResponseAuthentication NO"

 Is that I am being hack ?
 last command show who is login before but it seem ok....
 What should I do ?

Somebody is trying; and, that somebody is failing. You need something
akin to "DenyHosts" (which works on tcpwrappers) or one of the other
BSD compatible tools of a roughly similar sort. I'd suggest wandering
through the list archive. In the last month or two we've been over this
before, repeatedly.

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