> >you are not inserting into an indexed table, are you?
> yes, i am...
> is that a problem?

it used to be a problem, but since your gentoo box is doing the same
task in 4-5 minutes, i doubt it is currently the problem.

i seem to recall some speedup of the copyin-command in one of the
latest releases of PostgreSQL. i don't know the details, maybe they
are deferring index-updates automagically when copying-in ( check
PostgreSQL release notes ).

Miguel, you have not yet confirmed the two
postgresql.conf-files(gentoo vs fbsd) to be identical ( or i missed
that ). please let me know.

another issue pops to my mind: on 4.x i had to tweak some sysctl's
regarding shared-memory ( default settings would not allow PGSQL to
claim as much as i would like ). i don't know if this still needs to
be done on 6.x. if i recall correctly, postgresql would not start if
it could not allocate it's shared buffers. things may have changed:
check you postgresql.log to see if it is complaining.

please let us know if you achieved any speed update at all.



> ---
> Miguel
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