the original problem was:
NIC1 was "missing" at all and PXE boot from this nic also did not work.

the solution for those who are interested in:

Intel SE7320VP2/SE7320VP2D2 has 2 onboard NIC's:
NIC1 (Marvell Yukon-Chipset)
NIC2 (Intel-Chipset)

FreeBSD 6 by default recognizes the intel-nic, which is shown as em0.
the 2nd nic needs an additional module from marvel yukon (if_myk.ko),
which then will enable and show the nic to freebsd.

the following steps have been successfully tested:

- download the nic driver for freebsd from (
- install the if_myk.ko to /boot/kernel
- load the module via /boot/loader.conf or kldload.
- configure the interface with ("ifconfig myk0")
- get a new, fine 1GBit Ethernet Connection working ,-)

cu & have fun
---> if you have this board, you definitely will ;-|

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