Noted recently in auth.log, a string of connection attempts repeated/failed over and over from one host - looks like a script someone's running, tries all kinds of various usernames, etc... attempts like 100-200 logins, fails and goes away.

Few hours go by, and another such attempt, from a different IP comes in. If I'm here and just happen to notice them - simple ipfw add deny... does the trick, but is there not a way to limit the login attempts for a certain period of time?

ie: after 4 failed attempts from IP _BLANK_ in less than _BLANK_ minutes, deny all attempts and drop connection from said IP... possible?

Any suggestions/ideas? Thus far, no one has managed to login (there are only three accounts which even have a shell or can login via ssh... but still not the point). I'd just like to get rid of the problem and save my auth.log file for perhaps something more useful ;)

Nathan Vidican
Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.
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