Setup: Dell 2850 running i386 FreeBSD 5.4-p5 (or so), ACPI enabled and apparently working (shutdown -p or -r work fine).

After a kernel panic, the console showed "Automatic reboot in 60 seconds or press any key to interrupt", (or words to that effect), but actually the machine just sat there for several hours.

When I got to the console, pressing a key said it was interrupting the automatic reboot (as if the key press had happened in the 60 second window) and pressing another key rebooted the server.

Does anyone have any idea why the server didn't reboot automatically, and what might make it reboot next time it panics (if there is a next time).

I'm sure I've seen a similar problem mentioned before, but searching the mail archives and google didn't turn up anything useful that I could see.



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