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: On Friday 31 March 2006 00:08, M. Warner Losh wrote:
: > Let us suppose that I have a HP DeskJet 5850 that I can talk to via
: > CUPS.  I can print test pages w/o any problem.
: >
: > What are my options to print photos and what kind of quality can I
: > expect relative to Windows?
: >
: > Warner
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: Hi Warner,


: The reviews of the 5850 say it prints pretty good pictures. So, the 
: printer is capable. The problem is the cups driver your using may not 
: be so capable, and you need to locate one that is capable of photo 
: quality printing.

It prints absoultely fabulous picture, under windows.

: A long (couple of years or so) I had an HP 2000c. The driver for windows 
: would print very good color pictures. Since this was a networked 
: printer and I had a FreeBSD computer connected to the LAN, I wanted to 
: be able to use it through FreeBSD. The cups driver did a very good job 
: with text and graphics that didn't need to be photo quality. On photos, 
: it just plain sucked. I think I was able to use the HP2000c PPD from 
: the Windows install - I can't say positively that's where I got it 
: from. I had to have the 2000c installed in cups twice, once as HP2000, 
: with the cups PPD; and once as PHOTO, with the photo capable PPD. You 
: don't want to use the photo PPD for plain text. With that setup it was 
: capable of print quality every bit as good as Windows.
: So, you should be able to print photos with the same quality as Windows, 
: if you locate a PPD that will do it.

Let's assume for the moment that my PPD is good.  I guess I'm looking
for something more basic: how do I take the .jpg from my camera and
get a photo on my printer.  What's the conversion process?

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