Hello, I had this listed in my question about the appropriate format
to ask many questions (which was answered this morning by a general
question format post to the group). At any rate, I figured I'd make a
fresh-clean question post that was less unpleasnt, and here it is.

I've googled the problem in general, tried looking around xorg and
this site, but I couldn't find any useful information on getting my
MX518 working with all of it's buttons in BSD (were I to downgrade
back to Linux, I could, but I'd rather not do that, ports is much more
useful than the extra three buttons).

At any rate, could someone tell me what driver to use, and what device
to point it to? Right now I just have the xorg defualt setup, with the
options to tell it to use the scroll wheel and 10 buttons (although
it's only able to handle 7).

-Jim Stapleton
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