On Friday 31 March 2006 11:56, M. Warner Losh wrote:
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> : On Friday 31 March 2006 10:37, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> : > Bob,
> : >
> : > Thanks for the tips.  I have these ports installed, but am
> : > tripping over something stupidly basic: what converts the
> : > pict0001.jpg into something that can be fed to the hpijs driver
> : > that will print?
> : >
> : > Warner
> : > _______________________________________________
> :
> : Gimp will do image manipulation as well as print, openoffice,
> : several in kde - kuickshow for one, several in gnome. I just
> : printed a jpg using kuickshow, so I know it will do it. Pretty
> : much, once you've got the jpg off the camera, what you do with it
> : depends on your preferences.
> gimp doesn't have my printer listed, and printing .ps to it fails. 
> Is there some file I need to put somewhere?
> Warner

Are you using cups? Or something else? If you have your printer working 
under cups, then I would think that gimp would print to it. I remember 
when I was using an HP2000c, it wasn't listed under gimp either, but I 
was able to install it there because I was able to use it with cups. 
Failing that, there are other programs you can use to print the 
adjusted jpg file, kuickshow is one, openoffice2.0.2 has several, kde 
has several besides kuickshow, gnome2 has several.

Warner, I know you are expert on FreeBSD, and know you know your way 
around a computer at least as well as I do, if not better, I have 
several emails from you concerning ACPI, and you show up in various 
other lists that I belong to, so I know who you are. My question to you 
is: do you have some hidden reason for showing up on questions and 
acting like a newbie, or are you sincerely looking for help here. With 
the hand holding your asking for, I'm beginning to wonder. If you do 
in-fact, need the help, then you should know that without providing 
information, that you haven't been volunteering, we aren't going to get 
anywhere fast. 

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