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On Friday 31 March 2006 19:02, A B wrote:
> 1)  either by copying to destop, then floppy,
>   or directly from FTP site,
>   the floppy disks does not have enough space for the
>   release 6.0 disks... boot, fixit, kern1.    suggestions?

The *.flp files are byte-for-byte images of the floppy, not files you should 
place on a floppy. If you want to create FreeBSD install-floppies from DOS or 
Windows you need the "fdimage.exe" utility. You can find it on a FreeBSD ftp 
server in the "tools" directory.

For details on how to use "fdimage" see (section 1.3) :

>   2)  I'm using a IBM Thinkpad 600e 400mHz without much sucess.
>   Will FreeBSD install on this machine?

It should. I run FreeBSD on much older systems.

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