Oliver Iberien <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Sorry to drag this out, but I still have not got this to work. I've
> looked at the permissions of the files involved but nothing untoward
> shows up. I think. There is just the conf file and the stuff
> in /var/log, right? How should their permissions look?

If you comment out

1>/dev/null 2>&1

in the start script, Privoxy should give you a reason why it
doesn't start.

And no, Privoxy also needs at least read access to the filter
and action files. Read access to the templates will be appreciated
as well, but shouldn't cause start problems.

You probably want Privoxy to be able to write to the action files,
otherwise you can't modify them with the web interface.
> If I wanted to have two flags for privoxy in rc.conf -- the one below
> and one pointing to /usr/local/etc/privoxy/conf -- what would that
> look like? 

I believe you can change the configfile only in the start
script itself.


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