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> : On Friday 31 March 2006 14:16, Bob Johnson wrote:
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> : > The process works for printing JPEGs from web pages on my laser
> : > printer (although not with HPIJS), and since the HPIJS driver is
> : > supposed to autodetect photo paper in your printer, I would expect it
> : > to "just work" for photos if you can print a web page with it.
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> : >

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> : Unless the printer was capable of determining what sort of paper it was
> : loaded with, I just don't see how the HPIJS driver would autodetect
> : photopaper.
> It doesn't.  However, one of the CUPS settings is 'paper type' and
> 'paper size'.  There's also print quality.  I can set those manually
> and CUPS claims that the settings changes have taken effect.
> Warner

If HPIJS doesn't autodetect photo paper, you may not be able to print
decent photos.  It may be that HPIJS detects the change, but doesn't
tell CUPS about it.

You have me curious enough that I think getting our HP 4xxx (whatever
it is) working with FreeBSD will be a project for this weekend.  The
pinhole camera can wait another week, I guess.  If I learn anything
useful, I'll let you know.

- Bob
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