At 09:16 AM 12/28/2002, Harry Tabak wrote:

>I can't really stop the Spambouncer people from shouting "fire" from their own 
>website -- freedom of speech and all that.  But should FreeBSD  act as an amplifier.

I personally believe that spam is a serious security issue (see
my paper at However, be warned
that this list's Supreme Moderator may declare your posting to
be "off-topic," because it doesn't relate directly to intrusions
upon FreeBSD itself. He may also blast you for cross-posting
and/or for starting too long or interesting a discussion. :-S

That said, I can offer you some assistance here. Catherine Hampton's 
SpamBouncer relies on Procmail, whose filtering recipes are easily 
"tunable." It shouldn't be hard to change the recipes, and you can
then encourage the port maintainer to add your changes. Unfortunately,
if you want to get the master SpamBouncer recipe file changed, you will
have to contact Catherine. My wife knows her personally, so if you
cannot get through to her by other means I may be able to reach her
for you.

In the meantime, you may want to use a mail relay (not a fully open one,
of course) to get around the block. All you need is one machine on a
different subnet that will relay your outbound mail.

--Brett Glass

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